Les Décrypteurs: the underbelly of disinformation

How can one distinguish between the real and the fake when surfing the Internet? What are the different varieties of fake news? Can the eye deceive the viewer when presented with a doctored photograph or is it easy to spot whether it has been manipulated? Visitors can expect answers to these questions as part of the Les Décrypteurs exhibition by the Radio-Canada team, spotlighting the work of Alexis De Lancer, Marie-Pier Elie, Jeff Yates and Nicholas De Rosa.

Les Décrypteurs is one of six accompanying exhibitions presented along the World Press Photo Montreal 2022.


Les Décrypteurs

Photographer : Andréanne Gauthier. Designer : Kevin Perron - From let to right : Nicholas de Rosa, Alexis De Lancer, Jeff Yates et Marie-Pier Elie.