Twenty-five years in pictures. That’s the premise for this project by L’Itinéraire magazine, a media outlet that gives voice to the voiceless and provides a unique outlook on the world and the streets.

Twenty-five is also the anniversary being celebrated by the magazine this year. L’Itinéraire is proud to partner with the World Press Photo Montreal exhibition to highlight its achievements, but also those of the 2,500 hawker-writers who have sought to improve their quality of life since 1994 by writing for and selling the street paper.

All in all, 12,000 copies of L’Itinéraire are in circulation every two weeks. This allows marginalized people, who’ve been excluded from the traditional labour market, who’ve experienced homelessness, addiction or mental health problems, to find their place in society.

This photographic foray into the heart of Montreal – its realities, its areas of shadow and light – will be presented in the West Room of Bonsecours Market’s mezzanine space.

Photo credits: Isabelle Gauthier, Robert Ménard – 2015