Presented for the very first time, the Dans la rue photos exhibition is the result of a workshop project put together for homeless or at risk youths who attend organization Dans la rue’s day centre and art workshop. During these workshops, which were carried out over many months starting in the fall of 2017, around thirty photographers were able to conjure up a mosaic of images that together show a willingness to wipe out stereotypes and encourage the development of a fairer, more inclusive and sensitive society. Through their gaze and the lenses of borrowed cameras, they produced portraits and captured moments of their daily lives in Montreal.

Driven by a desire to provide a means of expression to people who are often marginalized, photographers Alexandre Lepage and Alejandra Ariza organized and ran the project voluntarily, with the collaboration of Monica Mandujano, a psychosocial counsellor in charge of the art workshop at Dans la rue’s day centre.